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It was short, but very lovely so far!

I really like the MC - he looks so gorgeous and seems cute overall - more than lots of male MCs in visual novels. The other characters seem interesting too, even though I haven't seen lots of them. And well, I like the overall concept of the story - it's promising!

Can't really say much more as far as this demo goes, as it was really short, but I can't wait to see more of it!



I played this short part of the game you made and it was rather interesting! Therefore, even if it's a very small part, I'll try to make some kind of review.

I really like are the graphics, they look simple and clean. It's a pleasure to look at them (and at the awesome clothing) so I hope you won't completely change the sprites and backgrounds.

The vast choice of dateable characters is nice too, but it would be a shame to neglect some of them, as I've seen in other games, because of this. :(

Now, about the main character...

He changed his expressions mostly while talking to others (and I think it still wasn't enough, haha), I don't understand why you didn't change them to match his thoughts as well. It was pretty disturbing to see him smile sheepishly while the situation would've suggest another kind of reaction.

About his personality, I think that sometimes he is way too naive.

Anyway, good luck with your game!

Hello Bobipicolina!

Thank you very much for you kind words and the review! And also a huge thank you for the critismn about Cress emotions.
We'll look into that!

At the moment we're discussing what would be appropriate changes, since we'd love a high quality but also a managable production time! ;)

- Ember and Raven.